Top Black Hair Publications, Magazines, and Blogs

Here are some of the most popular publications that are related to Black and natural hair: is a leading online platform dedicated to celebrating and educating people about all types of curly hair. They offer informative articles, product reviews, and a supportive community for those embracing their natural curls and coils. is a valuable resource for African-American women seeking advice and information on hair care, styling, and healthy hair maintenance. The blog provides tutorials, product recommendations, and expert insights.

Afrobella, founded by Patrice Grell Yursik, is a popular blog focusing on beauty, lifestyle, and natural hair care. Patrice shares personal experiences, product reviews, and uplifting content celebrating black beauty.

Curly Nikki
Curly Nikki is a well-known blog created by Nikki Walton, dedicated to empowering women with natural hair. The blog offers a wealth of information on hair care, styling tips, and a supportive community for curly-haired individuals.

Black Girl with Long Hair
Black Girl with Long Hair celebrates the beauty of natural hair and provides inspiration for black women with long, healthy locks. The blog features interviews, product recommendations, and style ideas.

Mane Addicts
Mane Addicts is a publication that explores all aspects of hair, including black hair. They showcase hair trends, profiles of influential hairstylists, and informative articles on hair care.

Un-ruly is a platform that celebrates the diversity of black hair textures and styles. They provide insightful articles, interviews, and visual content that inspire and empower individuals to embrace their unique hair journeys.

The Cut - Hair
The Cut's Hair section covers a wide range of topics related to hair, including black hair and beauty. They feature articles on trends, styling tips, and profiles of individuals with unique and beautiful hair.

Black Naps
Black Naps is a blog dedicated to helping black women embrace their natural hair. It offers valuable information on hair care, product reviews, and inspirational stories of women on their natural hair journeys.