Top Black Hair Events and Expos

Here are some of the most popular national events that are related to Black and natural hair:

International Locks Conference & Natural Hair Expo
The International Locks Conference & Natural Hair Expo is an annual event that celebrates natural hair, beauty, and wellness. Organized by Locks Conference LLC, this expo brings together enthusiasts of natural hair, providing a platform for networking, learning about natural hair care, and discovering the latest products in the market. It's an inclusive space that embraces diverse hair textures and promotes self-love and confidence.

World Natural Hair Show
The World Natural Hair Show is one of the largest and longest-running natural hair and beauty expos. Organized by Taliah Waajid, this event offers a comprehensive experience for those interested in natural hair care and beauty. Attendees can participate in workshops, discover innovative products, and connect with like-minded individuals who celebrate and embrace natural hair.

Afrolicious Hair Expo
The Afrolicious Hair Expo is a dynamic natural hair event that goes beyond showcasing beauty. This expo features informative workshops, a wide range of product vendors, and captivating entertainment. Afrolicious is committed to promoting self-expression and celebrating the natural beauty and diversity of hair within the African-American community.

Curlfest is a vibrant festival that celebrates natural beauty, culture, and community. Organized by Curly Girl Collective, this event features beauty and hair expos, live performances, and a unique space where attendees can embrace their natural curls and connect with others who share the same journey.

Essence Festival
The Essence Festival is an annual music and cultural celebration that includes beauty and hair expos. Organized by Essence Communications, this iconic event provides a platform for showcasing the latest trends in hair care and beauty products. It's a fusion of entertainment, empowerment, and style that draws attendees from around the world.

Black Owned Beauty Supply Association (BOBSA) Expo
The BOBSA Expo is dedicated to promoting and supporting black-owned beauty supply businesses. This expo provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and consumers to connect, learn about innovative products, and support the growth of black-owned businesses in the beauty industry.