24-Year-Old Black Woman From Paris Repeatedly Goes Viral For Her Extremely Long Hair

Ramatoulaye Diallo

Ramatoulaye Diallo, a Black model and hairstylists based in Paris, France, has posted multiple videos of her long hair that have gone viral. She has more than 1.7 million followers on TikTok and speaks French in all of her videos, but her fans are from all over the world. Mostly she talks about how she maintains her long hair, and she showcases various methods that she uses to style her hair.

Passionate about the world of haircare, she says that she has been nicknamed "Rama Soukoudou" by her loved ones, which means "Rama hair." She also says that since her childhood, her grandmother and mother introduced her to the use of natural products and traditional techniques for hair care and protection. "I have diligently and carefully applied these ancestral techniques for years," she comments.

Rama also owns a popular hair salon called Rama Natural Beauty Care located in Paris that offers various services including hair treatment, protective hair styling, medium and large threaded braids, glued braids, and more.


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Her most popular videos on TikTok and Instagram are of her brushing, hand combing, and braiding her hair. She also has videos talking about some of the natural hair care products that she uses to keep her hair moist and growing even longer. In other videos, she can be seen just showing off how long her hair is and even mixing up one of the formulas of all-natural ingredients that she uses.

In one video, she shows viewers how to mix aloe vera oil, sunflower or peppermint oil, peppermint powder, a tablespoon of rice, and honey. She then encourages them to allow the formula to macerate for at least two weeks before using.


Ingredients : -50ml aloe vera oil -50ml of sunflower or peppermint oil. -200g peppermint powder -1 tbsp of rice. -1CAC of honey when using. Maceration time 2 weeks minimum before using.

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Be sure to follow her on Instagram (@ramatoulaye.diallo7) and on TikTok (@ramatoulayd)

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